Living with our wildlife friends

We here at NEV-CAL Home Inspections do not advocate wildlife moving into our human dwellings as they can quickly make a home by destroying ours, however we all need need to remember that we share this planet with other creatures.

Recently a Robin build a nest along the side of our house.  They are nesting in a location that does not in any way harm the structure of the home so we thought we would take this opportunity to setup a “Robin Cam” to document the cycle.  Unfortunately we did not get the camera in place prior to the first clutch of eggs hatching, however with the installation of the camera today, we captured some new baby birds.  We will be running a stream of the camera and posting snapshots on our website over the next few weeks as they develop.  We are working on getting the live feed to stream via our website for all to see, however if anybody is interested in seeing the live feed now, please let us know and we can try and get you direct access to the camera.